Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Van Go! Museum on Wheels to Visit Friday February 11th!

Thank you PTO for helping us fund this fantastic event!

We are so excited to welcome the Van Go! Bus to Rolling Acres Elementary School! The Van Go! bus is a traveling exhibit that comes directly to your school and shows work that portrays a different theme each year.
It's a great way for students who would never get the chance to visit a museum to have an up close experience with live art.

Here is the link to the current exhibition, Pennsylvania Proud: Artists in Pennsylvania:

 ...For those of you that missed the exhibition, here's a quick video (and some photos) I took between groups on the bus today! 

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  1. Hi! I just learned about the VanGo bus tonight from my art students. Very cool! I've been brainstorming an art bus of my very own to travel around to local schools since many art departments are being cut back. I'm an unemployed art teacher myself and always looking for ways to stay connected to art education. Thanks for sharing!