Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3rd Grade Fish Inspired by Paul Klee

Paul Klee (sounds like clay) was a Switzerland born artist who admired children's art. He was an artist, violinist, writer and a teacher. He loved to draw and paint things from nature and his cat was his favorite subject when he was younger.

Third grade observed the similarities and differences in Klee's work, particularly his paintings where fish were the subjects.  They designed their own fish using organic lines and geometric shapes and placed them overtop a wax resist background. Warm and cool colors were reviewed and used to create these artworks too!


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    1. Anonymous11/10/12

      wow this photo are amazing

  2. These are so wonderful. I've never taught a Klee inspired lesson and this might be my first! Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are gorgeous, good job!

  4. Beautiful - they inspired this project:

  5. Fantastic! Seems like a great lesson and fun for the kids! These great pictures inspire me for our art project in my daycare/preschool (4 and 5 yr olds) here in Norway! Thank you for sharing! =D

  6. These are so incredibly unique and striking! Love them!