Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2nd Grade Warm and Cool Sailboat Silhouettes Square1 Art Project

So successful were our sailboats for our Square1 Art Fundraiser last year, we did them again!

How can we use colors to communicate?


Colors used in artworks can tell us the time of day, the weather, and how someone is emotionally and physically feeling.  2nd graders choose either a warm or a cool color scheme to tell the time of day and weather of their artworks and using tissue paper, collaged the background.

Black construction paper and markers were used to finish the work.


  1. can you give more instructions on how you accomplished this look? is the tissue paper on black construction paper? How did you attach it? I love the final look of this project and would love to try it in my art class. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful idea. Tiffani

  2. Morning Tiffani! My students decoupaged tissue paper with a glue mixture onto a white background. They had to choose paper based on a warm color scheme or a cool color scheme. Then we used basic shapes, a circle and square cut into halves and glued them the following class. The sun/moon is textured paper with black paper surrounding it for contrast. Lastly, all of our juicy details were added with sharpies and Gel Fx Crayola Markers, my favorite! Thank you so much for the compliment and do let me know how your students' turn out!

  3. Anonymous12/8/16

    Your results are beautiful.I also like how you connected color, emotions, and the weather. Thank you so much for sharing.