Saturday, January 16, 2010

1st Grade Cityscapes

1st grade observed several pictures of cityscape and made an observation list of the lines, shapes, and juicy details. Since they just did a lesson on vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines, they had fun spotting them in the cityscape examples.

Students first drew their cityscapes, then watercolored their juicy details!


  1. Anonymous18/12/10

    amazingly beautiful....!

  2. what examples did you look at with them?

  3. Morning Denise! I have a Crystal Production pack that I ordered about 5 years ago. It includes 5 artworks of cityscapes. It's one of their Take 5 Print Sets and it's fabulous! I also use the landscape one. Here's the link to the site.

    I also printed out half sheet photos of cities for the students to use as a reference.

  4. Wow these are gorgeous! I just did this lesson with my 1st graders, too. We started with a little directed line drawing in one point perspective, just drawing a road and a tall building.

    Some examples here:{D43884CD-5F25-4577-845A-C964317C1EFB}

  5. Anonymous12/1/12

    There is a book titled "Wow City"
    that may work for visuals.