Wednesday, February 9, 2011

5th Grade Picasso Portraits Finished

It is a real challenge this year to help my 4th and 5th grade students accomplish projects that require lots of studio time in half hour periods every 6 days. However, with a few "finish up days" where students are able to work on projects from past lessons, we have finally finished our Picasso Portraits (at least the majority of us)!

Several of you have been asking to see the final results, so here they are! Thank you for being so patient and fabulous job to all of my hard working 5th graders!


  1. I have a blog award for you over at my blog:

    I enjoy the wonderful things you share!


  2. Wow! Thank you so much Sally! I appreciate the compliments and look forward to checking out your blog and all the blogs on your list!

  3. wow these look really great

  4. The lines and patterns on these portraits are beautiful

  5. These look really amazing! Do you have your lesson plan posted anywhere? I would love to look at it to do something similar in my class :)

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    1. I would LOVE your plans for this as well. Would you mind if I emailed you? These are absolutely wonderful pieces!

  7. Ladies! Thank you! I will post my lesson plan in another post so you can all view it! That might be the easiest! Look for tags, Picasso, Lesson Plan... and thank you!