Saturday, November 6, 2010

5th Grade Picasso Portraits in Progress

It's taking us a little while to finish up our paintings with half hour art classes, but we keep moving on! Here are some updates...


  1. we just started doing them too.....I loooooovve picasso....and I was wondering what media we'd you all used watercolors? thought of using oil pastels.......can't wait to see the end products...


  2. Good Morning Miriam,
    We used all watercolors but them we added texture with markers on top. Look for the final results to come! I'm looking forward to seeing they way you accomplished them too!

  3. Anonymous17/1/13

    Wow! Very very creative! I'd like to know the lesson plan in more detail if possible. What is the goal and what type of art from Picasso's collection? Thank you!