Friday, October 22, 2010

2nd Grade Los Dias de los Muertos Sculptures

How can symbols change in meaning from one culture to another?

Folk Art

2nd grade focuses on studying the art of many cultures. Since November 1st & 2nd were approaching, we took a look at a culture that celebrates these two days, known as Los Dias de los Muertos.

2nd grade learned that this is a special celebration for some Hispanic cultures in which people remember loved ones that are no longer with them. Special types of food and artwork are prepared to ready families for these two days. These are days of celebration, feasting and remembering and can be compared with our Memorial Day celebrations. However, many people confuse Los Dias de los Muertos with Halloween because of the close proximity of the dates of celebration and the symbol of a skeleton skull, or calavera.

2nd grade observed how calaveras are decorated to appear humorous and exciting instead of ways they are traditionally portrayed in other cultures. Students applied their observations of calavera art to accurately depict a skull with correct proportions to later help them when drawing a face.  Using lines, textures, colors and symbols, students decorated their skulls and gave them personalities.


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