Tuesday, January 19, 2010

5th Grade Coil Pots

Fifth grade was introduced to coil pottery and learned the steps of rolling coils, and attaching them together to form the floor and walls of a coil pot. Instead of using glaze, student applied a faux patina with paint to give their pottery the look of aged metal. They look wonderful and very convincing!


  1. Hey! I think your blog will become one of my favorites...I just came upon it and absolutely love your ideas. Were these pots made with regular clay? Did you fire them or let them air dry since you didn't use glaze? What was the concept behind the added rope (rafia?) Loved it...Thanks for your inspiration.

  2. Cathrine, Thanks for the compliments! These pots were made with a white clay and bisque fired. We used a shade of a chosen color first, then matte medium, then rubbed on a little bit of gold. The rafia was provided as a challenge to incorporate additional sculptural aspects with another natural material. Students were not allowed to simply tie the rafia string around the pot, they had to continue the movement of the coil pot. Thanks for asking!