Thursday, May 27, 2010

5th Grade Contour & Construction Line Shoe Watercolors

5th grade learned how construction lines help build a form. Construction lines are like beams that help support a building. The form we chose to draw was a shoe, straight off out feet! We turned our construction lines into contour lines. Contour lines are basically an outline of lines, shapes, and shadows in a form.

Fifth grade worked so intensely on their drawings that they ran out of time to complete their watercolors. However, the product they did achieve was fabulous!


  1. I just found your blog and am enjoying the wonderful work and thinking that is going on with your students. I am curious about how you scaffold the shoe drawing. How do you introduce the construction lines and then the contour lines? I know my students are capable but I need to build their confidence so they don't give up before they even start. Thanks.

  2. Hi Suzanne :o) Thanks for looking! When we do the shoe drawings, we take a look at the triangular shape in the front of our shoes and the rectangular one in the back... We also do a ton of right side of the brain drawing from 1st grade so after the construction shapes are built (and I do run around all class to try and work with as many kiddos as possible - nuts!) we add our contour lines by tracing the edges of the shoes with our eyes, (I use the follow the ant trick) and then draw it on the paper. Sometimes I hold shoe photos on my projector and place a transparency over top. I say, "The hardest thing about drawing something that's 3-D is that you have to make the lines 2-D" and I proceed to trace the shapes and lines in the shoe photo on the transparency and remove the shoe photo when I'm finished. That helps some kiddos out. It takes us about 3-4 classes to get our shoes correctly laid out on the paper but then the rest is pretty much ready to go! I hoped that helped! :o)